How Often Should You Clean Gutters


Gutters are seen as one of, if not the most, important parts of your roofing system. Properly functioning gutters give rainwater a place to drain away from your home. Keeping your gutters free of leaves and other debris prevents rainwater from backing up under roofing shingles and causing leaks, amongst other damage, such as mold and mildew growth. Gutter contractors recommend biannual gutter cleanings in general. How often you need gutter cleaning services depends on several factors.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Your location means everything. If your landscape has a large number of trees, we recommend that you clean your gutters out three or more times a year. Storms happen that cause trees to shed:

General Debris

When your gutters are clogged with extra items, water is prevented from flowing properly away from your home. Speak to a tree trimming service to prune down any nearby trees to minimize the potential for debris to clog your gutters. Installing Premier Gutter Guards will also do a fantastic job at preventing large pieces of debris from building up in your gutters, which will lead to decreased levels of functionality.

Storm Frequency

Based on your location, it’s best to devise a gutter cleaning schedule based on the frequency of storms in your area. Storms with high winds and rain tear leaves, twigs, and branches from trees, which can end up in your roof drainage system. Surprisingly enough, even urban areas are known to be affected by blowing trash that often end up clogging gutters. During storm season, inspect them often to determine if you need to hire a professional gutter cleaning service like Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services.

So How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with a gutter cleaning service at least twice a year, and increase the amount of appointments with respect of both the frequency of storms and your overall proximity to a coastal area. If you are in the need of gutter cleaning services, call us in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137 today.

Key Facts About Pressure Washing in Charlotte


In Charlotte, NC, the outside of your house is what people observe initially, so keeping it tidy will make a positive impression. Pressure washing in Charlotte is how most Charlotteans address crud on the outside of their homes. There are some facts about pressure washing that homeowners should be aware of when scheduling a power washing appointment. Pressure washing is an effective means to get your home looking excellent again. If you have never done this before, right here are answers to a few of the questions you might have.

What Does Pressure Washing a Home Involve?

This cleansing approach utilizes a high-pressure water spray to displace dirt, dust, mold and mildew, mud, algae, and various other gunk from your home’s exterior. It’s usually done on the roofing system, rain gutters, as well as home siding. The spray is far more powerful than a normal yard hose pipe, so it can get rid of challenging discolorations.

Will Pressure Washing Cause Damage to Your Charlotte Home?

Some individuals may be unwilling to pressure wash their home since they’re afraid it will cause serious damage to the exterior of the home. Trying it yourself does make chips feasible on repainted areas as well as siding. Nevertheless, a pressure washing company, like Jet Windows, knows what are the best water pressure levels to make use of on each surface area to prevent these problems.

Should You Pressure Wash a Home in the Rain?

Given that your house is going to get damp from the spray, it might look like the rain won’t interfere. Nevertheless, weather conditions can in fact damage the engines of gas-operated pressure washing devices. Electric-powered versions could likewise be vulnerable to short-circuiting or create electrocution in bad conditions. Some systems obtain certification from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for usage outdoors in a selection of conditions. If you’re worried regarding weather conditions delaying service, speak to your Charlotte power-washing specialist.

How Often Should a Home in Charlotte Be Pressure Washed?

After searching for power washer companies near you, you’re probably wondering how often should your house be pressure cleaned. Normally, a power washing appointment once a year does more than suffice. However, certain factors may lead you to need this much more regularly. For example, weather can get pretty gnarly at any time of year. So in areas like ours, it could make very good sense to establish a pressure washing routine, particularly focusing on a roof wash more often. In this instance, you might need the service two times a year.

Is it Time to Get Your Pressure Washing in Charlotte?

If it’s been a while since you pressure washed your home’s exterior, turn to the experts at Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services to get your exterior house washing done right away! Give us a call in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137 today.

Prepare For Fall

Prepare For Fall

Prepping your landscape for Fall is something that must be done, yearly. Fall is an amazing time of year. But what makes it more amazing if all you needed to do is prep your home for fall by hanging a wreath and putting out a Jack-O Lantern or two?

Prepping For Fall

While those are a crucial part of getting ready for the Fall, there are much more important preparations that come with being a homeowner in the greater Charlotte area. Consider this everything you need to know before your house transitions from hot summer days to cool fall nights…and eventually freezing temperatures.

Clean or Possibly Replace Your Gutters

Generally, you are used to your gutters working properly, and when they are functioning properly, it drains thousands of gallons of water from your roof yearly. It’s easy to forget that you may need the best greater Charlotte area gutter cleaning services available on the market that you forget they could use a little attention. If your gutters are clogged, you can end up with a flooded interior and damaged exterior to your home. So make an appointment to clean them, and if necessary, replace any damaged gutters.

Check for Drafty Windows

You can lose through your windows 25-30 percent of heating energy that you use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because weatherstripping is simple and cost-effective way to keep heating costs down. So take the time to weatherproof your windows.

Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Your outdoor furniture can be a small investment, which is why you want to bring your outdoor furniture inside to prepare for Fall and Winter months. It costs you time and money to set that outdoor space up, so if you want to get another summer season out of your outdoor furniture, you should store it in a garage or shed. If you don’t have anywhere to store the items, you should cover it in a waterproof furniture cover, which you can snag online or at hardware stores. 

Take the Time and Prep Your Yard

You work hard to have a beautiful landscape, so make sure that you do all of the necessary things in the fall to keep things for the Spring and on! If you need help with cleaning your gutters or preparing your windows for fall, call Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137 today!

Reasons to Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Service

Professional Floor Cleaning

Pressure washing quickly improves a home’s curb appeal. While it can be a DIY job, there are several reasons to hire a professional pressure washing service. Pressure cleaning uses pressurized water to cleanse a selection of surfaces outside your home, including the siding, walkways, and patio. It cleans surfaces rapidly and properly, so it’s the best choice for your home. Here are reasons why you need to hire a professional pressure washing company like Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services. Call us at 980-282-9445.

Should You Own a Pressure Washing Machine?

The first objection we hear from homeowners is that they would be better off buying their own pressure washing machine. Pressure washing machines are effective at using high powered water to adequately remove:
• Loose paint
• Mold
• Grime
• Dust
• Mud
• Chewing gum
• Dirt

Even if having a power washer is cost-effective in the long run, the trouble of saving and also maintaining one could not be worth the money you save. Owning a pressure washer is almost like owning a shiny brand new John Deere riding lawnmower. A pressure washing machine will occupy a lot of space, require maintenance, as well as needing to winterize it regularly. So, let’s talk about the benefits of hiring the experts at Jet.

Gets Rid of Mold, Algae, and Other Growth

Often times, mold expands outside of your house. You may also see algae, moss, and mildew. It is important to quickly eliminate this grime because it can create architectural damage to your residence if left untreated. Likewise, mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions that can bother your family members and make them extremely ill. Hiring a professional power washing service can quickly eliminate that growth.

Hiring a Pressure Washing Company is Eco-friendly

One of the primary alternatives to power cleaning is using harsh chemical cleaners. These chemicals that are used can be unsafe to your lawn, flowerbeds, and animals in the area. Using a professional pressure washing service is just as reliable, if not more than chemical cleaners, yet uses only water to complete the task. Also, because the water is pressurized, you use less water!

A Professional Frees You to Accomplish Other Projects

If you intend to repaint or stain the siding or the deck, have the fence pressure washed to remove any cracked paint, dust, or debris. Otherwise, the paint could not stick correctly, and the deck stain may not permeate the timber. Do not take on additional stress; make the call to pressure washing professionals like Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137 , so you can free up your schedule right away.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re considering putting your house up for sale, it only makes sense to make the house look as eye-catching as possible to prospective new home owners. Having a layer of debris on the outdoor patio or the house siding does not make a favorable impression in the slightest. Hiring a pressure washing service for your house is a quick and simple way to make your residential or commercial property stand out to interested buyers.

Ready to Hire a professional Pressure Washing Service?

When it’s time to get your home or business pressure washed, it makes sense to hire one of the best pressure washing companies, like Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services. Call our office right away to schedule a pressure washing service today!


Reasons to Use Professional Gutter Cleaning


 Clean gutters are as important to maintaining the curb appeal of your home as they are for preventing damage to your property. When you hire experts to perform gutter cleaning services, you’ll enjoy a safer, cleaner, pest-free, and more functional home. Surprisingly enough, hiring the right professional gutter cleaning company will save you more money in your pocket as well. Think you need to hire a gutter cleaner? Call us now in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137.

Gutter Cleaning Improves Curb Appeal

Clogged gutters lead to flooding, which forces your lawn and garden to bear the brunt of the damage. This flooding results in:

Unsightly puddles
Mud pits

Excess flooding decreases your property value, making your home less welcoming and hurts curb appeal. You can further protect your lawn and landscaping by hiring experts for gutter cleaning at least a couple of times per year.

Clean Gutters Prevent Flooding

Flooding related to clogged gutters can cause structural damage to your home, which can cause severe damage to your home’s foundation, which can then cause your belongings to be ruined. Even more so of a concern during winter months, flooding in freeze-thaw conditions can crack your home’s foundation, causing a severe amount of damage to your home, which can cost you thousands of dollars. Gutter cleaning professionals take concern in removing all debris from your system, which prevents clogs that cause flooding.

Clean Gutters Are Pest Deterrents

Clogged gutters can lead to the increased risk of pest infestation. Rodents and insects love to nest in the leafy debris within your gutters, and eventually find their way into your home and destroy your property. Professional gutter cleaning services are an important form of preventative pest control for your home.

Hiring Professional Gutter Cleaners Save Money

When you hire a professional gutter cleaning company, you’ll save money on costly services in the future. Flood and mold remediation costs, pest control, and increased landscaping costs will add up over time if you don’t address the problem at its source. Hiring professional gutter cleaners is smart. Professional gutter cleaning provides returns on your investment by preventing the need for extensive repair and maintenance services. When it’s time to hire a professional gutter cleaning company, give us a call for help today!

Three Top Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Three Top Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Gutters help redirect rainwater off the roof and away from the property’s foundation. While you may not give maintaining a clean gutter system much thought on a day-to-day basis, they can have a major impact on your safety and the integrity of your property down the road.

The rain may run toward your roof’s foundation rather than away from it, weakening its structural integrity. To keep water from infiltrating the home’s foundation or pooling on your roof, invest in regular gutter cleanings. Long-term water exposure to ANY area of your home can cause serious irreversible damage, so it’s important to clean your gutters regularly.

Clean Gutters Prevent Flooding

When you neglect cleaning your gutters, it can escalate to a full-blown flood. When the gutters clog with material, the onset of a heavy storm may be enough to flood your basement or allow water to break through the roof. To protect your property as well as you and your family, make certain to schedule regular gutter cleanings for your home or business today.

Regular Gutter Cleanings Save Money

Without regular gutter maintenance, the gutters may break prematurely and will need to be replaced. Furthermore, if they overflow, you may need to pay for costly structural damage repairs. Roof, foundation, and water damage, which can occur due to gutter neglect, are among the costliest home repairs. Meanwhile, one quick, inexpensive cleaning session completed by the gutter cleaning team at Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services can save you several thousands of  dollars down the road.

Protect Your Property with Regular Gutter Cleaning

Protect your property and save money when you take care of your gutters today. The experienced gutter and window cleaning team at Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services would love to help you keep your gutters remaining in optimal condition. To learn more about our gutter cleaning services, give us a call today in Indy at 317-428-9444, North Carolina at 980-282-9445, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137.

3 Immediate Benefits of Driveway and Concrete Power Washing

There are numerous benefits of driveway and concrete power washing. It’s evident that a driveway consistently sustains a lot of traffic and activity. The weight of vehicles and the excess fluids they release, along with the many feet that walk on the surface, can dirty up your driveway. The good news is that professional pressure washing will eliminate dirt and crud and recover the material to its original luster. But the benefits exceed visual surface area cleansing; below, uncover a few added reasons to power wash your driveway. If you need home pressure washing, call the experts at Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137.

Professional Driveway and Concrete Cleaning

In addition to removing dirt, some of the benefits of driveway and concrete power washing and commercial pressure washing services include:

  1. Protecting your driveway from stains and caked-on dirt by eliminating mildew and grime.
  2. Helping to avoid cracks in the concrete and pavement caused by algae and acids.

The reasons to hire a pressure washing service to complete your driveway and concrete pressure washing jobs are endless.

Get Rid Of Possibly Unsafe Conditions

Power washing the driveway and concrete allows you to reach the nooks and crannies of your driveway. The high-powered spray can get rid of harmful problems that could pose danger to you as well as your family. One threat is mold and mildew, which can thrive in between the splits in a driveway.

Regular exposure to mold can trigger several health issues, such as congestion, sore throat, issues breathing, and cardiac problems. An additional risk is moss, which can be unsafe underfoot. When the moss grows on a driveway, it produces a good chance for a slip and fall accident.

Boost Visual Charm

If you’re offering the home, concrete cleaning the driveway can make the home much more attractive to buyers. A streamlined, tidy surface area is an instantaneous attention-grabber. Potential new home buyers will be better able to envision themselves pulling right in and out of the driveway of their brand-new home.

One of the glaring benefits of driveway and concrete power washing is that there is almost an immediate boost to the surrounding setting’s appearance, lending a smoother, extra structured feeling to the residential property.

Restrain Weed Growth

Weeds are eyesores that can make your residential or commercial property and greenspaces look run-down and neglected. If weed growth is left uncontrolled, the weed growth will grow with cracks and fissures in the driveway surface, intensifying the damages and making the driveway much more unsteady.

Pressure washing is powerful and often more than sufficient to successfully remove weeds and dust buildup from the most portable spots in your driveway, eliminating weeds now and making conditions much less desirable for future growth.

Driveways Are Made of Porous Materials That Need Power Washing

Concrete and rock are porous, capturing dirt, plant pollen, and ecological particles with time. Before you know it, there are lots of layers of grime accumulated on these surface areas. It happens so slow that you might not even notice it. Using our pressure washing machines, we can quickly address traditional hard-to-reach and problematic areas. Our technologies can quickly spot a filthy concrete or rock surface area that requires a deep cleaning. Utilizing business pressure washing tools and efflorescence removal with our expert quality surface cleaners, you will be surprised at what comes off. Completion results are constantly outstanding and leave the surfaces looking as if they were freshly mounted. In terms of aesthetic appeal, this is one of the best and most cost-effective methods.

Ready to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Driveway and Concrete Power Washing?

Convinced of the benefits of driveway and concrete power washing and want to connect with one of the best pressure washing companies? Call the team at Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services to reap the benefits of driveway and concrete power washing for your residential or commercial property.


When to Clean Rain Gutters

Clogged rain gutters can be a serious problem, particularly in the Spring. It’s important to clean rain gutters that are backed up with debris. When it is time to clean gutters, contact the top gutter cleaning service available, Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services, as soon as possible for a free gutter assessment today.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters play an essential function in your roof. They collect rainwater and also melting snow, enabling it to drain pipes via the attaching downspouts and away from your house rather than backing up underneath roof shingles and causing water damage. With the appropriate care, this roof part also prevents rainwater from pooling around your residence’s foundation and dripping into your cellar. Considering that keeping gutters clean and clog-free is necessary to their feature, it’s essential to understand how frequently you must arrange a cleaning appointment with your local rain gutter cleaning service.

Loss and also Spring Cleanings

Make sure to have all gutters cleaned up by a gutter cleaning specialist at least twice a year, generally in the autumn and springtime. Fall cleaning prevents fallen leaves, twigs, and other particles from accumulating in the gutters and producing severe obstructions before the winter months. Blocked and dirty gutters create roof and cellar leaks that can lead to ceiling and wall discolorations, architectural damages, wood rot, and mold or mold growth. If you have an issue with mold, it is important to contact a mold remediation company. Gutters that need cleaning also draw in insects and vermin, and creates severe foundation splits if sufficient water collects around the foundation of your home. 

Spring is a Good Time to Clean Gutters

Your gutters also call for cleaning in the springtime to get rid of debris that got caught throughout the winter months. Make sure to check for ice patches that cause the metal parts to weaken with rust. Springtime cleansing also eliminates falling seed hulls from maple trees and various other woody perennials.

Possible Reasons for Additional Gutter Cleaning

While fall and spring cleanings are typically enough, you might need to call for rain gutter solutions from your regional handyman three or four times a year, depending on your location. If you reside in an extensively wooded area, you’ll require cleanings four or more times a year to keep the rain gutters clog-free. If your property features developed trees that lost a lot more, such as oak and pine trees, you’ll need four cleanings even if the area is sparse in looming perennials.

When to Schedule Gutter Cleaning

Schedule cleanings in the early summer season and early winter season, as well as spring clean-ups. It’s also an excellent idea to consider gutter guards to limit the quantity of debris entering your seamless gutter system. These enhancements on top of your gutters stop substantial leaves, sticks, and pieces of wood from going into the gutter system while still permitting water and various other fluids to stream through.

Are You Ready to Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Now that we have seen the importance of clean gutters, contact Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services in Indy at 317-428-9444, North Carolina at 980-282-9445, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137, or via email at [email protected].



Should You Pressure Wash Your Fence?

First impressions really do count, yet most homeowners underestimate the impact the look of their fence has on the way others view their property. When something needs to be done, your first instinct may be to install new fencing. Before you end up spending thousands for a new one, consider this quick fix. In short, a good pressure wash. Finding the best pressure washing available is best for your fence. Cleaning the dirt and grime from your existing fence can give it a whole new life.

Power Washing Makes the Old Look New

Nothing brings an old worn out fence back to life like a good pressure washing. Restoring tired wood requires removal of all that built up dirt and grime. It can be difficult, to get through all those layers of dirt with a power washing. Once your old fence has been power washed, the wood on the fence is ready for a new coat of stain or paint. You’ll love the results!

Hire a Pressure Washing Company
Call 980-282-9445 (North Carolina), 317-428-9444 (Indianapolis), 513-537-0137 (Cincinnati)

Your House Will Look More Inviting with a Power Wash

Now you can give the entire exterior of your home a quick facelift with a professional power wash job by the team at Jet Windows and Home Services. When looking for an area to get the biggest bang for your buck, refreshing your fence is a great idea. It’s a good place to start since it is often the first thing visitors see when driving up to your home. Create a more welcoming look by stripping years of use from your fence. All done with a good pressure wash.

Paying for a Power Washing Job is Worth It

When you are looking to refresh your home’s curb appeal, hiring a pressure washing company is definitely well worth it. Give us a call for your pressure washing job for your fence today!