Prepare For Fall

Prepare For Fall

Prepping your landscape for Fall is something that must be done, yearly. Fall is an amazing time of year. But what makes it more amazing if all you needed to do is prep your home for fall by hanging a wreath and putting out a Jack-O Lantern or two?

Prepping For Fall

While those are a crucial part of getting ready for the Fall, there are much more important preparations that come with being a homeowner in the greater Charlotte area. Consider this everything you need to know before your house transitions from hot summer days to cool fall nights…and eventually freezing temperatures.

Clean or Possibly Replace Your Gutters

Generally, you are used to your gutters working properly, and when they are functioning properly, it drains thousands of gallons of water from your roof yearly. It’s easy to forget that you may need the best greater Charlotte area gutter cleaning services available on the market that you forget they could use a little attention. If your gutters are clogged, you can end up with a flooded interior and damaged exterior to your home. So make an appointment to clean them, and if necessary, replace any damaged gutters.

Check for Drafty Windows

You can lose through your windows 25-30 percent of heating energy that you use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because weatherstripping is simple and cost-effective way to keep heating costs down. So take the time to weatherproof your windows.

Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Your outdoor furniture can be a small investment, which is why you want to bring your outdoor furniture inside to prepare for Fall and Winter months. It costs you time and money to set that outdoor space up, so if you want to get another summer season out of your outdoor furniture, you should store it in a garage or shed. If you don’t have anywhere to store the items, you should cover it in a waterproof furniture cover, which you can snag online or at hardware stores. 

Take the Time and Prep Your Yard

You work hard to have a beautiful landscape, so make sure that you do all of the necessary things in the fall to keep things for the Spring and on! If you need help with cleaning your gutters or preparing your windows for fall, call Jet Window Cleaning and Home Services in North Carolina at 980-282-9445, Indy at 317-428-9444, or Cincinnati at 513-537-0137 today!