Should You Pressure Wash Your Fence?

First impressions really do count, yet most homeowners underestimate the impact the look of their fence has on the way others view their property. When something needs to be done, your first instinct may be to install new fencing. Before you end up spending thousands for a new one, consider this quick fix. In short, a good pressure wash. Finding the best pressure washing available is best for your fence. Cleaning the dirt and grime from your existing fence can give it a whole new life.

Power Washing Makes the Old Look New

Nothing brings an old worn out fence back to life like a good pressure washing. Restoring tired wood requires removal of all that built up dirt and grime. It can be difficult, to get through all those layers of dirt with a power washing. Once your old fence has been power washed, the wood on the fence is ready for a new coat of stain or paint. You’ll love the results!

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Your House Will Look More Inviting with a Power Wash

Now you can give the entire exterior of your home a quick facelift with a professional power wash job by the team at Jet Windows and Home Services. When looking for an area to get the biggest bang for your buck, refreshing your fence is a great idea. It’s a good place to start since it is often the first thing visitors see when driving up to your home. Create a more welcoming look by stripping years of use from your fence. All done with a good pressure wash.

Paying for a Power Washing Job is Worth It

When you are looking to refresh your home’s curb appeal, hiring a pressure washing company is definitely well worth it. Give us a call at 980-282-9445 for your pressure washing job for your fence today!

House Keeping Services and Windows Don’t Mix

We all know that most housekeeping services and windows often don’t mix. If you have a housekeeping or janitorial service that does offer window washing services, you still might not want to act as a window washing service for your customer.

Doing Windows Yourself?

There are numerous DIY methods that housekeeping services use, every one of which have dubious levels of effectiveness. At worst, simply using a spray cleaner like Windex and paper towels leaves a streaky mess. Rather than removing dirt, it moves the dirt all around and often makes the dirt more visible! Plus, it’s high risk for scratching your glass. This window washing method also creates a static charge that can actually attract more dirt.
Use Newspaper to Clean Your Windows

Some claim that using newspaper avoids many of these problems, but it’s ordinarily more of the same. Technically if you’re using this method, you’re supposed to use plain newspaper (the style of paper that newspapers are printed on, but not an actual newspaper.) These days, it’s hard enough to find a printed newspaper, not to mention just the paper! Even the plain newspaper can still leave behind streaks and loose paper fibers.

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Rather than relying on a maid or janitorial service to clean your windows, having professional window cleaners handle the job will give you a clearer view and help to prolong the life of your windows. Professional window cleaning companies concentrate on one job, which is cleaning your windows and having the tools and know-how to make any shape or style of window sparkle. You can also depend on cleanliness and precision.

Housekeepers May Not Do Windows Well

Another way to think of it is that just because your housekeeping service cleans, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want them to clean everything. Frankly, windows just may not be the housekeepers specialty. Just because someone can shoot a jump shot doesn’t necessarily make them a professional basketball player! You want a professional window washing company.

Hire a Professional Window Washing Service

At the same time, your windows are another area where you don’t want a jack-of-all-trades. This is the exact reason that you want professional window cleaners who know exactly what they’re doing and are focused on that one job, which will ensure results you can rely upon. If you are shopping for a reliable, professional window cleaning company for your home, office, or rental property, call us at 317-428-9444 today!